Big changes can start with something small. Discover how we’re building a better working world by asking better questions.

The world today is changing rapidly. From technological advances to shifting workforces, society is headed in a new direction. But with everything moving so fast, how can we move towards a world that is changing for the better?

New technologies present both opportunities for progress, and risks . How can we use them to educate and protect the next generation, as opposed to letting them reinforce existing biases?

As organizations grapple with challenges to meet energy targets laid out by the Paris agreement, could supply chain efficiency help tackle pollution challenges ? And can sustainable energy can drive sustainable growth in economies around the world?

The recent rise in the number of not-for-profits is also a reflection of the growing demand to address the long-term needs of our planet. But these organizations often lack the necessary expertise to fulfil their plans. Could business skills help them to transform our communities? And can our diverse communities in fact help to transform businesses?

At Tern Logistics LLC, we believe that asking questions like these, new and thought-provoking questions about some of the working world’s toughest challenges, can give unexpected answers to help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.